on drinking coffee

April 14, 2010

in order for me to get enough rest/sleep on my training days

i now officially ban drinking coffee during my training days..

good bye.. huhuhuhuuhuh…

its really a big no-no to keep on running/training without proper sleep

even if Im used to not having 7 to 9 hours of sleep -thats the required number of hours for sleep according to the doctors

Im even skipping my internet time between 12 to 1 lunch break , in order to get a power nap.

see you in races.

my running goals

March 21, 2010

after gaining a little bit of weight after my first marathon . tapering is a little bit of overrated, or Im just using it as a justification for my laziness. Anyway, Im running long distances again, am seeing 2 more marathons this year ( CAMSUR and SUBIC/QCIM ) and Cebu Marathon for the first month of 2011.
At the end of this year, I will knock on the doors of BDM 102 to be able to join the most historical run of the whole Philippine Islands.

new here

February 3, 2010

my first time to create a blog.. i dont even know what a blog means.. i signed up because I want to comment on Mr. Bald Runners blogs.. LOL.. Anyway, Im a new runner who is hungry of information on running events and on everything about running. Got to go.

Hello world!

February 3, 2010

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!